Testimonials about Bill's Caregiver Support in Portland


What People Say About My Speaking and Caregiving Support in the Portland Area

Bill has been a speaker and facilitator for caregiver support groups in Portland with the Alzheimer's Association for over five years. His support group has a strong following of attendees due to the fact that he shows compassion, integrates his personal experience, and works hard to build a community of support.  Bill is one of our most dedicated volunteers, with an evident commitment to a world without Alzheimer's and dementia.

~ Megan Melady, Program Manager, Alzheimer's Association, Oregon Chapter

Bill Cohen is helping my siblings and I navigate the world of dementia for our mom. We hired Bill to consult with us about the various steps we need to take to find quality caregivers, where to go for financial help, and to find qualified elder law attorneys. His services don't just end with a 2-hour consultation. He checks in on a regular basis just to find out how our mom is doing and to make sure everything is alright. Thank you, Bill, for your help through this journey.

~ Debbie Brooks Snyder, client

Your support and services are making a huge difference for me! I am in much better shape than when we met and now starting to get things lined up. You have been such a help. I am name dropping you all over ... including to several providers I have told about you (plus family members elsewhere)! You've been a life saver for me, so thank you again!

~ Recent Caregiving Client, Portland 

I connected with Bill through the Tualatin Chamber of Commerce. I engaged his services to help me find resources for some of my elderly mother's unmet needs including nutrition counseling, social activities and even recommendations for a hairstylist that works well with senior citizens. Bill came to meet with my mother and I, and was able to not only listen to both my mother's and my concerns but also was able to identify areas that we might need to review (like having my mother register her health care wishes in Oregon's POLST registry). Bill was very professional and compassionate and I am appreciative for the guidance my mother and I received from him. 

~ Dawn Torres-Gale, Our Money Goals


“Thank you so much for your time earlier this month, and for all the follow-up resources that you provided us. It was great to talk to you, and (we) appreciate your advice.”

“I received invaluable information on ways to cope with being a caregiver for my parents.”

“I appreciate your feedback and support.”

“You have great resources about memory care and issues. Appreciative of all you do for us caregivers, and for giving help for people when they are facing brain disease.”

“So good to be with you today!  Means a lot during these difficult times!  Thanks for everything you do.”

“I cannot thank you enough for all the help and support you have provided me. ”

“Very sorry to miss being with you, so impressed with your work. Carrying your card with me - from now on in my wallet. Thank you!”

~ Various Clients and Support Group Attendees

Bill Cohen is a collaborative force, an energetic doer who sees opportunity in helping the people in his network, and helping them grow their own network.  His passion and experience as his mother’s caregiver led him to create something new, Cohen Caregiving Support Consultants for the caregivers, as a resource, advisor, and support to them. Bill takes an idea and makes it purposeful and real. By constantly giving back to his community, Bill supports others, whether leading walks to fundraise, or mentoring younger professionals and entrepreneurs, Many call him their friend as he is genuinely kind and caring. 

~ Kim Allchurch-Flick, Mighty Epiphyte Consulting

I have participated in Bill Cohen’s weekly dementia support group for nine months. I came into this sanctuary, bewildered and in tears. Nothing had prepared me for the shifting sands of dementia. With his guidance and the support of fellow caregivers, I began to find purchase. There is nothing like the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. The support group has been like an intensive class on the disease of dementia: learning about the disease, how one manages the care of family members and how to survive the stress of caregiving. 

Bill also has invaluable contacts in the dementia support community. As an example: a housing consultant contact that Bill provided led me to a wonderful alternative Assisted Living community for my mother. Bill’s knowledge and compassion has been invaluable. I wouldn’t want to imagine going through this experience without it.

~ Diane Alcibar 


Bill produced an amazing Support Group at our Springs at Wilsonville community! His presentation style was interactive, engaging, and thorough. He was personable, focused, exceptionally knowledgeable, and relaxed. Family members felt like they could relate to his experience with his mom, Sheila, and her battle with Alzheimer's. He inspired our group of family members to look forward to more support group meetings! I couldn't have been more pleased and look forward to our next gathering with him! 

~ Jessica Joli, LIfe Enrichment Director, Springs at Wilsonville

Since mom was diagnosed with dementia, there are times I feel like the blind leading the blind. I don't know what to do, because mom can't tell me. I'm doing the best I can to help her as Alzheimer's Disease slowly takes a grip on her and leads us down a dark path of the unknown.  

In hopes of finding answers, I knew I needed to go to a support group meeting. I tried another group to begin with but it was too quiet, very small. When I found yours, I knew it would be hard, but good for me. I left the meeting and cried all the way home. I had found people who were going through the same thing. I feared more because I heard up close and personal what I would be facing sooner or later. But I also learned about resources that helped give me knowledge to battle the disease, which I appreciate. I realize our daunting journey has just begun, and it is nice to know I'm not alone. I love the way you run the meetings, giving everyone a chance to speak, although at some meetings there is a new member that obviously has a lot to say and feel. I feel very glad I found the group, and the information exchanged is invaluable. I liked one guest speaker I experienced not long ago about something I face with my mom, and I'm gathering information for when that time comes.  I think you are offering an invaluable service to people. I could have used that especially right after my dad passed. To know that we have help is really somewhat of a relief.  Thank you.   

~ Terri H., Day Care Owner

I know Bill Cohen moves and shakes within the industry since he jumped in, but I would like to personally say that he is a man everyone should form a valuable relationship with, if you have not already. I wholeheartedly believe his experience will undoubtedly provide a great benefit to the people he is eager to selflessly serve. Something that is much needed within our arena. More importantly, he is a lifelong learner who is open and willing to learn, grow, and develop, and a prime example of a true collaborator.

~  Brandon Bressi, Owner, Inner Movements Counseling